“SAYA tidak sangka kita kalah dengan begitu mudah.

Sepatutnya perancangan kita ialah mendapatkan

mata daripada dua perlawanan pertama tetapi tidak

berhasil. China memang terlalu bagus. Saya pula memang

sudah bersemangat untuk bermain”

-Hafiz Hashim

3rd individual player of MAS-

A piece of bitter bites from Hafiz Hashim, just to list an individual out of ten in the Malaysia Badminton Squad. The prophecy that Malaysia would come out well out as a third class team for Thomas Cup 2010, now being revealed as a reality. Malaysia’s boldness yet valour in offering the Land of Malay as the Thomas Cup 2010 host, were showered with a few backstabbing expressions that the host could never become a leading light of glorifies, solely because we are lack of players of calibers that are able to shoulder the challenges.

But then, when it comes to the victorious Datuk Lee Chong Wei on his triumphant winning in the previous All-England earlier this year, the confidence once again disseminated in each Malaysian that we could come out with something, without counting and realizing the authentic actuality of the national squad.

It was a total frustration to switch on the channel 801 and watched the national squad lead by Rashid Sidek and Rexy Mainaiky to be fooled and giggled by China in their games. All the weedy, defenseless combats dramatized brought imaginations and questions “Are Chong Wei, Kien Keat and Boon Hong armature players who learnt to play badminton yesterday?”

What supplemented the frustration some more was the encounter of the national squad! Out of three games, Malaysia only managed to have a winning on Denmark, but knock for six, astounded by Japan in the group challenge before tumble downwards over China’s legacy. We are giving our chock-a-block faith and fortitude on Chong Wei and double Kien Keat-Boon Hong, but both were failed to fulfill our dreams after being bamboozled around by China’s game. By the same time, the breakdown of double team Fairuzizan-Zakhry and weak performance by Chong Hann yet arbitrary plays of Hafiz Hashim, put Malaysia on critical,grave state.

After all, the game played by Malaysia is now over for 2010 Thomas Cup. Another two years of waiting for Malaysia to deposit the pride on its place before the confidence and concern of Malaysians started to melt and fade away. However, praises shall be showering them as they had shown their best in the unpredictable games. It was them who play, and not us so better sit back and bother to mute with criticism.

p/s Credits for the Great Wall of China for a superior defense. And thumbs for Darling Lin Dan =)


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