50% of an Annum.SOLD!

Physically this is so an insignificant, meaningless post but then in the contrast side of mentally, it whittles a million of optimisms in me. So, lemme warn that any boredom voyaging and distressing your further reading isn’t an archetypal boo-boo but a precursor previously mentioned.

So, pejam celik pejam celik… half a year already elapsed since my preceding SPM in the end month of ’09. That time I remembered unerringly how keyed up, thrilled I am to spend my time 25/8 on Facebook, investing my Ringgits on mall stocks and dallying around the whole world with my dearie best-buxes. I swore, I vowed to leave behind all those teething troubles of Chemistry, ‘talak’-ing the technical hitches in AddMaths and waving goodbyes to time grabbing Biology. Yeah!

So lately in December all the plans were productively carried out in generally prestigious approaches, leaving ahead rather appealing holes of boredom for the subsequent months.

Basically, throughout the period, I was unemployed, (though I worked with my abah for a month only), I went for a few holidays and recently scholarship interviews and the prettiest remarkable one would be my P license attaining. Haiyoo that were all my physical breeds! Nevertheless I’ve been learning and accomplishing something even more precious compared to a mountainous gold or a river of platinum… and that is my SOUL BREEDING. I learnt myself closer, examining every inch of my own physical and mental soul though six months wasn’t the longest period ever. But still, throughout the period, I managed to get to know myself better, realizing the real KIASATINA and understood her better than ever.

Yet, next week… I’ll be leaving behind these entire bonbons, saccharine period of gratifying foya-foyaing, getting ready to break the shell of my own past, revealing a smooth, stable future. Hello PASUM for next week and BYE BYE my previous memoirs of six months. =)



Kiasatina SitiAnaka


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