Peace upon all of u…

Hey hey i miss blogging but then I’ve been quite in rush and hush these few days so the tinkering seconds do keep green-eying me. But today I insisted to post something and this is regarding my weekend spent in the Pakar Perdana Hospital, a branch of KPJ Healthcare and it was a hectic morning-till-afternoon ever!

Lets start with the beginning. The story begun when me and my mom went for the receptionist to be signed as Out Patient. But since I’ve been tracked for my medical records there, it took only a few minutes for them to register me in the system. For the next 5 minutes, the receptionist there asked me, “Adik, nak buat medical check up kan. Period ke sekarang?” OMG… Why did she asked me when two of her male spouses were standing by her side, smiling unknowingly. For my surprise… my mom quickly answered, “Tak tak…” Err?? Mama ni betul? OK la fine let’s fast-forward… I hate this part right here…

Done with the urine test, my next station would be the radiography part for my X-Ray scan. I can tell you exactly how many people were there, waiting in patience for their names to be called and undergo the vital test. OMG… This is gonna be a too loooooong awaiting. Eyes were loitering, mouth was mumbelling, hands were rubbing then suddenly my time were coming! Haha. This is the great part. A DAMN HANDSOME worker (I dunno what we call him since my mom told me Perdana got no Medical Attendant so I dunno). “Kiasatina…” The voice of him called my name! Yeah! (Obses sorang2)… Then like a dummy casted by spells, I followed him to the changing room and he told me, “Tanggal semua ye sekali ngan bra” (Hey hey Im not talking censored words here but this is the truth of medicine world). So, I stepped into the radiography diagnosed room while my eyes widely searching and scanning every appliances there where my mind regard them as a total amazement of engineering! Outta blue, his voice once again brought me back to the realm world of reality leaving behind fake fantasies and then here it goes the freaky part~

Suddenly I went into a deep red blush and feeling damn awkward with a guy touching my body. Urghhhh please please. Realizing I’m too conventional minded in a non-relationship-nized body contact, I asked him to step back and been exchanged with a female whatever-your-job-is-called. (Yeah man. I LOVE your cute face err macho macho but then I’m way too awkward lah bro)! He smiled knowingly and blah from there, before a petite female worker smiled at me and the session being resumed.


Waiting for my film to be resulted, that was the longest seconds in my life ever. OK i don’t wanna drag you guys into this so lemme conclude it here::

— I waited for three hours —
— I met Wan Mohd Syaqir Iqwan. Thumbs up for his lil sister who kept constantly reading and reading her HISTORY textbook. Well, Syaqir has a mantap idol here 😉 —
— I chitchatted with another girl who will be furthering her studies too in PASUM. Yeah and she was called Nabila from SMS Faris Petra —

** 3 hours gone **

Back to the registration counter and I was asked to follow a nurse to a medical room whereby she read my blood pressure, heights and weights, yet eyesight. Well, the random questions were all right rounding me. “Adik further study mana? Skolah mana? Dapat brapa SPM?” She was really a nice nurse and I love her! My readings are::

— Blood Pressure :: 96/65 mm Hg
— Height :: Constant. 154cm
— Weight :: 48.1 kg ( pasal makan nasik pagi nih)
— Eyesight :: Long-sightedness for the right eye. Negative color blind.

Wey! What happened to my body for a period of 6 months? I’m totally changed to an unhealthy person!


Baring in my mind that the hectic session is going to be ended soon, I gusted my pieces moods and crumbled them into one when the name Kiasatina was once again been called into another medical room. Eh? I thought everything’s done for me? What is it right now? A doctor in pink amused me with her so-called funny ‘joke’ that my medical report cannot be finished today since there were misconception in my urine report. The blood part shows ++ sign! Hey, I’m not pregnant. I repeat, IM NOT PREGNANT! Her long explanations (I assumed as excuses) told me that it is a suspicion to jot down ‘healthy’ for urine part since the presence of blood meaning you are undergoing your menstruation or suffering the kidney failure. OH SHIT! “Bila last time awak period?” “Two days ago“. Nah! Now you guys undertand right why my mom quickly answered the receptionist previous question? Padan muka! Now she refused to finish the report. Hey doc, whats the matter? I told you its PERIOD right so automatically its not a kidney failure! Consider I’m healthy! But then, the veto-powered president’s precisions aren’t there with me so… I have to give my nod of approval to repeat the test on the upcoming Tuesday! Hurm…

p/s So moral of the story, better check your body first before consulting them. And Doctor PERDANA ni… fussy a lot. MENYAMPAH.


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