Weird Day Out

Hey hey! It has been quite a long time since I haven’t jot down any memoirs of precious life in this so-called laman maya. I’ve been dreadfully full of activity throughout the weeks with important things to be settled up and yet compromising with my own credibility in time management. Nah nah but now the game is kinda over and I’m back to my glee life! Hangouts with my best pal and family would be too much appreciated. So? What is it this time? Lala… For the latest event I spent my precious hours and hours with my darling Serra once again =)

I met Ara earlier than ever today. Firstly, we thought of meeting at 11am but then her workshop session has been cancelled thus we were able to meet at 8.00 am. So, as usual lah, went to the café and ordered our favvy Ice Lemon Tea. Tears rolled down to my cheeks as Ara has been too caring over me and I spilled all the droughts of the dreads over and over. She kept on listening (for sure advising me a lot). Well, namely the bestie secret so how come can I spill it here? But we do manage a few snapshots in the café and here are some…

At the cafe of course 🙂

Due to the arriving and most awaited time that is 10.30 am, we both waved our goodbyes to the darling café and walked off in our shoes to our one and only destination of the day, Gedung Kain Utama. (I heard there are lots of cottons there so just wanna check it out. As if I’m gonna buy). But then, my heart pounded, my adrenalines were racing and my eyes were rolling towards all those lovely English cottons which were on top of my interest for now. So, still trying to deny the luscious, I’ve been saying – Yeh… so it’s not a rumor lah. Betol lah. RUGI la if tak beli. Half and hour later, I found out myself with a 3.5 metres English cotton. Nvm… Satu je tak habis duit. Now Ara, let’s loiter around. The gedikness of both of us lead us to survey all around the shop without conscious, the typical hobby that is to photo-snap surged as and leaving us a few poses until the Tauke came and asked “SORRY. WHAT ARE YOU GIRLS DOING???” Oh shit la minah ni! The redness blushed our faces caused me to make my way to the cotton rows once again, and pick another English cotton. Now amek… RM120 finished and gone… Haiya…

It was too early. Mama promised to fetch me over at 2.00 pm so it was a long time to go. Hence, without any further ado, we decided to hang around the Parkson Grand and yet have our lunch at the nearby Mc Donald’s.

I’m a toy type

So, meanwhile we were loitering around with no unambiguous direction, Ara was actively texting to her toyboy (hihi) and was rather shocked that the MAMAT decided to come over. I said “GILA KE??? MY MOM X TAHU NI!” Ara tried to convince me that I would only be the mamarazzi and watch ‘em over. (Err… that means I am too being involve with this so-called date lah?) Another sin waiting for me today! Half an hour later, I found myself been treated a whole set of MCD’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a Blueberry Mc Flurry by her toyboy. Well… sape suruh ajak aku teman? Charge nye mahal dong! Haha… tak kisah kan?

** For Ara’s sake, the story of their so-called date won’t be published and reserved as a private & confidential one. I’m sorry**

But then you guys, still we managed to snap several pictures together and vanishes the awkwardness away in between them. Again, no pictures allowed for the couples so only mine with her are allowed. I’m sorry.

Two roads diverged in a simpang tiga, and then we went our separate ways. Ara headed to her grand’s office and me? My mom’s workplace lah for sure… Till here =)

p/s I will update with my Sime Darby interview’s memoir. Enjoy the reading!


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