Date : May 5, 2010

Venue : Renaissance Kota Bharu n Billion


Arrived Renaissance with the assist of my Uncle Ramli who sent me there in his infinitesimal Cooper. Thanks a bunch for the ride uncle. Dressed in a pink English cotton printed baju kurung and a peach hijab, a pair of Crocodile court shoes credited me with extra sense of formality, a black pearly MNG mini handbag and three burdens- Portfolio, Resume, and a notebook- I walked in gulp yet confidence to the prestigious Renaissance. Greeting me well on the main entrance was a tough doorman who instructed me to go up to sixth level for the interview. Thanks, Mister-err-I-dunno-ur-name.

Lady in the elevator

8.10 a.m.

In a split second, the elevator brought me up to the most familiar floor in Renaissance, which was the sixth floor. Still wandering for the right spot, my eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of two Homo sapiens in the centre of the hallway- a guy dressed formally with his mother loyally accompanying. Well, at least I’m not the damn first to arrive. No time for a further ado, I make my formal steps there and greeted both of them, just to break the ice. The guy was an ex of Maherians and for sure, his main reason to stick his butt there was for the scholarship interview. After a while, I made my way to the washroom, it is always a better place for me. Yes, so true. The washroom was a luxurious one and even has a cooler environment compared to the outside. Fifteen minutes chit chatting on the phone with my Mom (to reduce my anxieties) and touching up a bit of my make ups, I stepped out just to discover another three guys have arrived there (also been accompanied by their mummy haha). Well, ignoring them, I took my seat at the FRONTIEST one, the one most nearby to the registration counter and phoned my dad.

Dabbing on lip gloss ngee

Your phone is always there for you. Make use of it.

8.50 a.m.

STILL waiting. The registration counter has just been opened so nothing quicker rather than a protracted wait for your name to be called. I made a few friends with the other 4 girls there – Izzaty, Anis, Atikah, and Azleen. You know exactly right, that you have to really break the ice so that the nervousness would turn out into gutsy-ness! I was freakily thirst by the time and the instructor briefed us that a high tea was prepared for us by the end of the hall. The thing is, no one was brave enough to move the butt off. OK, I’m sick with my burning sore throat so I asked Atikah whether she would enjoy a sip of tea. Thanks God she agreed thus we flung our kicksteps towards the tea and enjoyed some. Pergh… Only then, a few guys have the guts to stand up and grabbed a cup of coffee each. Huh! Penakut la lelaki camni.

9.05 a.m.

Izzati and another guy was called upon as the lucky two. I was rather shocked to be informed that my turn would be in the matter of consequence and that would be third lah. OK. I still have the time for my tea rite? So once again, I was sipping my milky tea and borak-borak with Nazirin and a Farisian guy at the sofa far away from the registration area. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not alone. Two makciks who accompanied their sons where there too and Anis was sitting next to me, complaining the bitterness of her sugar-free-tea-mixed-with-Nescafe-and-milk.

9.15 a.m.

KIASATINA! Why??? Oh no! My name has been called. In a complete mess, I just leave behind my tea and those lovely conversations with the makciks there and then rush to my resume and portfolio and stepped into the interview room. Why la Izzati’s interview have been so soon? I can’t even finish my tea yet! Greeting the interviewer a peace upon, I sat down when he suddenly popped out “Kiasatina Othman, first from all I would love to remind you that this interview will be fully conducted in English”. I just smiled at him and said, “I would be pleased”.

It was a fun! I enjoyed the interview so much! After the ice breaking and a few laughs, he told that he needs to test my knowledge on Maths and Physics so this is how it happened:

Dr. Zul : What is the value of tangent 45o?

Me : SHIT. What a faggot. Is it 0? Or 0.707? Or 1? Well…based on the triangle of degrees, I’m confident that the answer would be 1? (What a risk!)

Dr. Zul : Yes, you’re right.

Me : Exactly. I’m confident. (Look like a bird’s killed. Haha)

Dr. Zul : What is the gravitational force of a 0.5kg book falling from a certain height?

Me : NOW THE BIRD IS KILLING ME. With a smile, I answered… Dr, I guess it was four months since I left behind these kinds of physical formulas in Chapter 2 Form 4 Physics. Now you’re asking me and I’m in a complete blank. Luckily I still remember something. You asked me the force isn’t it? My answer would be 500N? (I simply multiply the 0.5 with 1K)

Dr. Zul : No. Try harder. It was a simple formula.

Me : SHIT. GIMME THE FORMULA lah! Then I remembered something. Oh Dr! In my opinion, the formula used was f=mg right? So, to find the force, the weight of the book must be multiplied by 10 which is the g value. So, I am confident that it is 5N.

Dr. Zul : Well done. But I consider you failed to answer correctly. Let me ask you another bonus one. What is an atom made of?


Dr. Zul : Brilliant, Kiasatina!

And then the drama continued with some governmental-based, Japan’s achievements and my ability towards future hardships questions. After all, I enjoyed his last words for me. I can’t tell what it was all about since the future is still unpredictable. SOLD!

10.00 a.m.

With a broad smile, I stepped out of the incredible joyous room. Farhan who was my only college-mate and a few mates there came to me and asked about it. I told them exactly what the questions he asked me and wished them all the best lucks before straightly heading to the washroom, once again. Met Izzati who finished the interview earlier and we shared our experiences while reapplying make-ups again and again. Many people to and throughout the washroom but we were still sticking there.

11.00 a.m.

Went outta the washroom. I told you how comfy it was, haha. Atikah finished her interview already by the time so we headed to Billion, leaving all the sweet memories there. All I always practiced during interview sessions was that we have to be confidence with ourselves and just be the real YOU! The panel is not scholaring an-hour fake bastard, they were scholaring a lifetime genuine genius. Did I mention you that I can’t sit properly without a single move? I kept on moving my feet and crossing them beneath the chair and my hand, they were revolving with my explanations. It was a pleasurable one to be interviewed and I hope to hear a good result soon from you, YAYASAN PELAJARAN MARA. Amiiin…

Incredible LAST shoot ever in Parkway



  1. Kia!! The gravitational force of a 0.5kg book falling from a certain height? Everythings on earth their GRAVITATIONAL FORCE are 9.81 N…its okay…tricky question+long time left physics…haha..but then,great interview and brilliant preparation.. insyaallah dapat…doa byk..amin 😉

  2. Badrul :: Bert ke? Haha. Oih betoi dah jawapan kia bagi tu! serious btol sbb kna darab 10 which is nilai g dalam formula tu! Mmg btol, the interviewer cakap.tapi kan salah kan first2 kia jawab 500N… So salah lah kiranya.

    Farah :: 😛 Murai n interview got nothing to do!

    Divv :: Tu la pasal! Y tanya by the time we left physics too long edi..haih…

    any :: i dunno.hope can make it.

    syazwanie :: thx a bunch darl 🙂

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