It was three minutes to 10.00p.m. and I was picking up my sis Effa at her tuition class when Shanna called me and screamed to the top of her healthy lung, “KIAAAAAA!!! Aku daapat Asasi Sains UiTM!!! Mu dapat gapo????” OK. The hell thing is this person refer to??? Oh! Now the UPU result, the most awaited one has been announced and I was about 15km away from my house, the WiFi at Pasir Hor region is not that sophisticated so I cursed out my fav word- to shite. Haha. I wanna go HOME!


Setting : Home
Venue : In front of Mama’s lappy in for sure in her room
Time : Validated one. I dunno.

The link-giving ceremony was the shittest among all. To get linked was another ‘supportive’ setback. After trying for quite a few times, the result was out and the way it got me blinked at my sight was damn heart-thumping!


No. K/P / MyKad : 921113-**-****

TAHNIAH! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut: (mind me if the words are chaotic one,i dont quite remember the order)

Kod : M0010
Nama Program Pengajian : Asasi Sains Hayat
IPTA : Universiti Malaya (UM)


Babe, I don’t believe it myself. Yet, I’m way too grateful for it. No word able to describe the excitedness, i guess or no phrase to allow imagination on the thumpingness itself! One way too sure, Allah The Almighty! Terima kasih Tuhanku for this opportunity. I believe, Allah never let down or turn down to us. In the other word, Allah tidak akan menganiaya hamba-Nya dan sentiasa memberikan yang terbaik buat kita, hamba-Nya. Satu janjiku, takkan berpaling dari-Mu πŸ™‚

SO, get off the couch! Time to mess up with Bio dictionary and move the butt off!!! Hello for new friends and HELLLOOOOOOOOOO UM! Here I come!


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