Three Preferences Not Three To Be

It seems like I have quite a couple days before the result of UPU (awaited one) will be announced. It took tons of patience to wrench your heart over an unknown date that determine your disaster or happy ever after, the one that is going to determine the curve of your life pathway. It took thousands of heartquakes, getting your head as if someone had borrowed it for drum practice. And one thing for sure, it took a gruesome step nearer for your fate, written fate.

Till now, I’m still not that sure with my career options. These three would be my head-spinning preferences.

Chemical Engineer

Working in lab is so a pissed off preference

Face the fact. I got a B+ for my SPM Biology so the option would be brighter for this engineering path. Chemical Engineering, a course that is way too close to my heart as it deals a lot with Physics and yet, the dizzy mizzy Mathematics. So, it is really me! Plus, I love the career where it gives me enough spaces to deal with brilliant corporate and reflect in bold at the stake of critical phase. Consider the smallest fiber design for our cloth, to the prestigious, techno-thumbs-up artificial heart transplant used in medicine, it’s convenient to ask, “What doesn’t a chemical engineer do?”


Cool for a dentist

As noble as it may sound, so does the nobility reflects my mom’s mountainous anticipation. She calls me a doctor since ever I learn my first word, the hope nutritiously and becoming a fruity so-called force now. It was a career destined from my mom for me. The thing is, dealing with sick peoples with diversified attitudes and the pretty red blood oozing are so not me! Anyhow, for the stake of my mom, dentist too would a harsh preference.


Hakim syariah can wear this?

Debating and standing for the rights. They were all arts of life where bold opinions and defends blended in one, dedicated in verbals. Oh my Gucci! It would be too lame that I hate debating, you can call me the big fat liar for that! My soul has been fully dedicated in this but then to live a life of an argumental-based is so not me. I mean, you can always defend for your rights and voice aloud; “Will the real truth please show up???” in your daily basis and not boundarized in a court only, right? So, lawyer… bye bye.


8 thoughts on “Three Preferences Not Three To Be

  1. u?maybe a lawyer…ngeh2…dentist kene kerje banyak la b4 u got U5 4 like my mom..neway,kalu mulot bnyak mcam kia nie suits 4 law..hentam judge…lol~

  2. kenapa semua org cakap mulut Kia banyak??? mulut ku cuma satu!!! banyak2 kang cacat plak! Anyway, kita tengok je la rezeki camne… Yang akan kita buat lepas ni biarlah yang terbaik kan kan?

    Anonymous :: Mama awk dentist ye???

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