Here are all the points :
  1. So, I don’t own any iPhone 3Gs or any ‘curve of BlackBerry’
  2. I don’t have any four-wheeled mobiles or better known as car on my own. Yet, I don’t feel like I have the appetite to drive any of my parents’.
  3. I don’t even have the shadow of any DSLR of my own. I have this tiny digital camera of 10.1mp only that I rarely used them for any photography shoots since I am loyal to my beloved N73i.
  4. I don’t own any thousands pounds of watches. The highest price would be RM850.00 of my latest DKNY. Not even reaching 1K okeyh?
  5. I don’t wear Levi’s for all the time. Any jeans of my size would be my preference. SO your point?
  6. I’m not decorating myself with any shiny jewels like any other girls. (Or my mom). Its just so not me to burden myself with those nuisance.
  7. I’m not carrying a Louis Vuitton. (In fact, I own none of Vuitton’s collection). They were all my favourite Roxy that I’m totting around and it costs less than half a K! gaga!
  8. I don’t have bunches of Shu Eumura or Dior make-ups. Just a few and I guess I would thank God for the presence of The Body Shop. I just love them so much.
  9. I play no PSP at this age! I don’t have any and not envying my 7 years old sister who own her own pink PSP. I’m not a kanak-kanak Ribena.
  10. I am really that kind of family girl. I’ve never ever went for any vacation on my own, unlike that person, traveling overseas by his own.
So, I presumed any physical-state-of-art we own could never satisfy us. The need would always increase with time, and the I-want-list would always have new sketches day by day. Commit to our memory that there’s always somebody else (oh…there ARE) who own something better than us in the prospect of materialism!

So, sit back and relax, think of how to add up the sentimental values in your core soul because others could never ever own you! They could own, copycatting your gadgets and all but they just can’t be you. You worth nothing OK! Not even the 3K iPhone so you think you worth it?

Gasp and gasp… The strength lie there in you and yet, could be dug constantly until the shine blurring your visions . By the time, SHOW IT UP! Accept my challenge or remain chicken on your couch, baby. Calculating and abacus-ing impossible chances of owning an iPhone.

p/s ‘Price’ of yourself will increase with time and it takes nil bidding price. Maintainance-in-progress would always be free of charge! Meanwhile for iPhone or BlackBerry the price would go down with a starting price of 3K and something. Till then, you are so infinity!


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