SO You Think You Alone Own 17th April?

It was an ordinary, typical weekend night and as usual, my sis Kiathaqifah has to attend her tuition class. She was a freak sluggish kiddo; I have no idea regarding her perception towards long-life education because it seems too tedious, dreary for her. Mama invited me along to accompany her so I thought of no second judgment; I gave my nod of agreeable. After dispatching Effa (short form of Kiathaqifah), we both went to this florist shop. I don’t have any idea on why mama yearns for my absence to accompany her buying some flowers; she must have the idea that I don’t like any. Haha. Anyhow, they were reasonably captivating and I caught these rare bally flowers (like fur) but I’m not interested to buy one. Mama asked me either to buy the plastic one or the original one. I guess I straightforwardly answer her, the plastic one lah ma! For me, even though they were plastic but they would remain everlastingly and never die. As for the original one, you will have a lot of hassle and nuisance of maintaining its freshness yet dealing with its kerenah and all…and it reeks! (Deep depth) Oh! Like usual, my cell phone is my best friend so the camera was essential so that a rare-visit to the florist shop wouldn’t be a waste! Few snaps… 1…2…3…

Hehe. Buy nothing, at least snap something! Next, as our bellies were fathering thunderous growls, rawring and rawring so I offered mama a treat for our dinner. Time was just about 8 and something so we still own the time to loiter around. Headed to ‘I don’t remember the name-KOPITIAM’ in Taipan (nice name,Tayn). Wah wah wah… as usual, mama’s favourite Cappucino and my favourite Latte were ordered. Dawdling there, we had our ABC too and several yong tau fus… Yes people, I loikke squid very much. Yummy. Since the Kopitiam provided free Wi-Fi, so mama was browsing using her darling SonyE. Mine was just typical N73i so I got no Wi-Fi to enjoy the free apps! Ughhh.

Never mind… I am still in possession of my preference to snap several photos. As usual lah… Haha…

The special Watermelon ABC. Nice, people… you should give a try! Lots of red beans! I love it

So, two hours of nutting around with mama, it was time to move the butt of the couch! Effa was merely waiting kan kan? Oh by the way, we both met mama’s friend Mr. Hamdi who drove his S-series Benz to pick up his daughter. -_-“ (Got my point?)

Oh oh! This is another funny story when we were approaching home. There was a huge restaurant along the highway slope, and the environment was dark. I told mama “Ma… romantic lah they all makey dale gelap lah ma. Candle light dinner eh? Ada event kot restaurant ni… “Another 200m ahead, I realized the traffic lights were not cluing or indicating us with any counts or triple-colored lights and yet, the surrounding lampu jalan were off. OK. Blackouts rupanya. So, it wasn’t romantic lah back there at the restaurant. Mama said Alaaa blackout ke kak? Mama nok tengok cito mama malam ni… “I replied, “Ma, akak ngan abah janji nak EPL-ing tonight ok?” And the blackout took a perfect consequence along the way. The first 500m, the blackout was still on. The next 500m, it gave us sighs. The subsequent 500m, it was dark again… and URGH! Reaching home the light was…… ON!!! HIDUP! Haha… But then, Chelsea lost the game.


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