Pieces of Mao’s Heart is Placed in Miu’s

I have these two koalas from Melbourne, Aussie…

I named them Miu and Mao,

By the time they were handed from Dad to Me,

Both of them were hugging to each other,

Their boomerangs were crossing to each other,

How loves had growth in beneath them.

It makes me curve a smile,

A warming one.

Always dreaming of that kind of simplicity of love.


Miu’s apart…

Abandoning his Mao behind,

Separating their identifiable routes,


There’s anticipation in Mao’s that,

Miu would come back and find her,

Because if it wasn’t love,

Then Mao could easily forget Miu

To the pristine hand taking care of Miu now,

He’s the first and last soul-love of Mao’s,

He’s not just a memory… it lies in between trust, now and forever…

Confer a decent, virtuous care of it,

Pronto… As if it is the soul of yours.

~The hands cuddling Mao~


3 thoughts on “Pieces of Mao’s Heart is Placed in Miu’s

  1. maybe they are just a couple of koala teddies hugging each other..but for me,ur words of the soul do the rest in understanding..huhh..kia3! =)

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