A Call from a Senior Put a Halo on My Head

A typical Weds morning for me today. I’ve done on the dot, exactly nothing, except sit down and relax, surveillance few DVD’s of 24 and Merlin, slept in between, Hitz TV buzz and several junks. My mainstream, monotonous daily basis routine which started at 10 a.m. and ended when mama disembarked home. As I was repeating the Guinevere and Lancelot episode for 3rd time, (this is my fav episode in the epic of Merlin), the Shut It Down ringtones kept playing in the air, disturbing my memorial. Looking at the screen, I don’t know whose phone number was that but I just picked it up since I was damn bored this morning. It was a senior of mine, Kak Bella. Weee!!! I miss this debate akak lah who got a mouth sharper than a razor, and words splitting outta there were too opinionated and heart-wowing. So we chatted and chatted over, oath-ing that we missed to each other, gossiping around about the hot Physics sir (and few other people) and then she asked me this question, “Kia duk tunggu asasi la lo ni?” OK. Another dooming question coming right up. “Yup Kak Bella, tunggu asasi la… Hopefully dapat UM,” I replied through gritted teeth (mind my grammar, please?) Laa I got nothing to say with this just that I wanna share something Kak Bella told me regarding our lucks and rezeki is not something under our control. She told me that the best student of her batch (07/08) who scored the TPNG of 4.00 for her two years in PC got no scholarships offer to pursue her studies overseas. She continued her studies locally and was a current student of UM for Life Science Foundation. Kak Bella have really uncluttered my mind. Yeah for sure I received few advises before but then I trust Kak Bella as my own sister so I trust her more than other people. Hah. Thanks, sis =)

p/s Me, Kak Bella and Bro Azri wanted to visit maktab maa… Anyone joining? Segan la ngan seniors. And Rifhan Aliah, I noticed that you called me and texted me to my 2nd number right? Sorry both phones got no credit, darling.


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