How You Define Love is Someway TOO Sinful

One of the pics in Berita Harian today

As usual, I would spend my precious ¾ hours for newspaper reading. Usually I would firstly turn to the last page of the paper (if it is Berita Harian) as I want to remain myself updated with the EPL report. However today the headline was too captivating and yet eye-catching so I just can’t help myself to remain at the main page, standing still. Yup.

There it goes the news report about discarding illegitimate child. Yes. An illegitimate child. A reward for everything a sinful couple has endured. An heirloom-breaking, maladroit little harami. Do you seriously presume that this child is old enough to appreciate the injustice, to see that it is the creators of the harami who are blameworthy, not the harami whose only sin is being born?

The issue is, Malaysia is getting worse and worsen with the up breaking 21st century, pristine habit of Malaysians. Proving their unbreakable loves till the last blood fall maybe, until a sinless soul suddenly exist in the world, disrespectful enough to be thrown away inside the garbage, associated with the leftovers of shadowy loves and sympathetic attractor from the public. Maybe it was yesterday that a noble heart of a hawker in Kampung Tanjung, Sungai Choh, Hulu Selangor found the dead harami, but it will be tomorrow that many dignified hearts will witness another haramis everywhere IF AND ONLY IF the justice is too frivolous behind the truth.

My question is, does a sinless expression from a new-born baby is too revolting compared to a new-born pink piglet? If so, does it good enough for a God’s creature called Homo sapiens to bequeath a nod of lawful for neglecting a precious soul given by God? Just remember…

“And Allah is the East and the West, therefore wherever you turn there’s Allah’s purpose… “

There’re too lot of publics voicing out their opinions, disobeying the matter so that a smart precautions could be taken by the government to place a dot to this massive setback. However, when it comes to voicing out the Islamic law to cane people involving with zina, here comes the objection voices. Why? Because it will violate human’s right? So, what about the civil canning? That would be too far violating as the convict would suffer for the rest of his life, mentally and physically. A complete vice versa for Islamic hudud. It provides a likelihood for convicts to immaculate their wrong doings, at least for now to avoid (no no… just lessen) the scarier, imaginable penalization by Allah S.W.T., lifeafter. To make it easier, support the Shariah Law in Malaysia for a better life because law is made to perform a better life. If continuous objection rising, so what’s the point of having two UNIQUE, diversified law practices in Malaysia?

May Allah forgive us… Amen…


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