You’ll Be Just Fine, Nik Syakirah Nik Azis

So, the main motive to post this post is to wish my dunia-akhirat-bestie Nik Syakirah Nik Azis…

All the best for your MARA Scholarship Interview

On 13th April 2010

Baby, I’m rooting for you. You have to compete your darling Abedi. Sime Darby is such a fuss (though in years to come, Rez is a billionaire-to-be)

Hit the gun Nikko! Make us proud of you. Make it a worth preference to leave behind BNM and digging some lucks of uncertainty from MARA. Sure, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE IT!

The pics mula-mula tadi wasn’t edited. So nanti Syak marah… Ni for you okay darl 🙂

Wish you drop some lucks for me, too baby! Anyhow, Kicks love Nikko!


One thought on “You’ll Be Just Fine, Nik Syakirah Nik Azis

  1. OMG sayang, THANK YOU la, its friends like you that make me 😀 mcm org gile and with a babe like u, why would i ever need a guy?
    Your a bright star you know, theres some clouds in the sky right now blocking your light, but clouds too shall pass and when they do, everybody will see how bright you really are. So believe in yourself, and no matter where you are, local ke, overseas ke, Indon ke, shine like I know you can. Dont ever give up on yourself, because Ive never given up on you. ILUSM xoxo.

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