New L.O.V.E – Meet Faris Fadhle

Excitement of waiting a new-born baby is perfectly hard to express. I don’t think so there’s any exhilarating expression existed to describe the glee flowering the soul, calmly showering the mind, and ecstasy-ing the beating of the heart. New-born baby may perhaps bring us bliss (for sure) when we cuddle them with love and watch them growing(Why am I sounding like mother-to-be? Change my mood!)

OK OK… Now back to my topic of the day. Actually, its not that I’m waiting for my new-born baby, I’m not yet pregnant (not even married OK?). But today I had the chance to meet my cousin (not really my cousin, but my cousin’s son) who was borne quite couple of months ago. Since my cousin live with her husband who is a doc in Terengganu so it needs efforts and endeavors for us to meet them lah kan? Luckily they all went back to Kelantan this week. This boy was named as Faris. Another unpretentious and trouble-free name in the family after his two sisters- namely Farah and Fadlyn. (Lepak lah kan buat apa nak letak nama dua hektar panjangnya?) So, I can’t help myself staring at his over-cute face! Oh my God! This budak Faris was toooooooooo cute and pleasant! His eyes were almond-shaped and gray in colour, while he was like… very fair yet lovely (perhaps because his dad’s allele lah kot, Chinese mix.) Hidung dia shemek je… and then his lips were so pouty and pink! I loooike 😉 Faris is typically chubby right now, perhaps his mummy fed him nutritiously or he did inherit the ‘chubby’ allele from his mummy. Haha.

What else can I articulate much? I like this Faris and quite obsessed with him.


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