Paparazzi Day Out or Our Day Out???

Again and again time spent with the lovable one!

Before I proceed with my posting, I would like to express my special gratitude for Mummy Intan to praise my dress today. Thanks auntie.. Not forgetting Asna Aziz who claimed I’m looking skinnier. OK. That’s a lie I think.

So, today went out with Tayn (my soulmate, my lovemate, my crymate and everything-mate). At first we made a promise to hang out in THE KAT (Kia, Ara, Tayn) but Ara can’t make it as all of sudden she was surged with high fever. Take your Panadol Soluble okay sayang?

So, Tayn’s baba sent us over. This man is a hilarious one, I love him, heart him so much. Along the way, he kept telling us story about the Sultan during his karaoke (haha funny one, uncle). Oh I forgot to tell this part, I was rather shocked when I saw my bestfriend wore her new baju kurung and I tell you… I would never do that (baju kurung to KB Mall???)… Haiya but then, nice one buddy!

Getting into KB Mall, Tayn had a hard time dealing with her kain terbelah and it was simply a yoke to walk while holding your piece of skirt. That was the time we saw Faiz (the one we were running from) in a car with those hoi-polloi chicks. Thanks God meaning he’s outta from KB Mall. Pergh.

Passing the Pikom PC Fair. That was a gross! Shier’s friend, (the one who’s having crush towards Tayn) was there and he was one of the exhibitors. I dunno him but then he’s cute I think (hehe) in that pink shirt haiyaa… Just the time I wanna laugh at Tayn then I saw this guy (I really know this guy)… Not giving me any split chance to breathe or turn away, there he goes… “Hey Kia, maghi nge sapo?” shit! “Oh… Mey… err… tu… “ (pointing towards Tayn). He said “Oh… sapo tu?” “Bestfriend…” not to mention any more word, Tayn grabbed my arm and ran… Thanks darling! Pergh. We went to this cute brooch shop and then shopped for some broochies comell!!!

OK. Done with the ground floor. Now, let’s head up to 1st floor. We can’t stand paparazzi. Since our main motive being there was to buy some novels, so make our move to Popular and start ‘menggodek-ing’ shelves by shelves. Tayn is really a book mania but not me. Anyhow I got crazy with these pretty-covered novels hehe. I saw ‘The Kite Runner’… Someone too special for me once told me about the book and I was about to cry having the dejavus. But then I was rather scared being here. I noticed three guys were like eye-ing me and Tayn and they stood quite close to us. (I am not being perasan here but then as far as I concern, Kelantanese especially guys who looks like murderer or something would never fall in love to spend their time standing at English Philosophy book shelf)… I went closer to Tayn but told her nothing, pretend to be cool… by the same time, I tightened my hold for my tote (peragut ada di mana-mana). I went to the next shelf, and there… the other two followed me. I was shivering. I’m not as strong and rigid as Tayn so I went for her and pergh! She told me the same thing that she too realized the men eye-ing us. Not to waste anymore time, we picked our novels (Tayn chose ‘My Best-Friend’s Daughter and I chose ‘Love the One you’re With”) and straightly to the counter. I can’t deny it there were too many thoughts stereo-playing in my dizzy mind. Since what’s there in the inside shows on the outside, my hand was getting colder and I was shivering. Luckily Tayn had been too cool with this so she calmed me down. That’s one thing I love about her, she’s not easily dread in stressed situation and she can be a secure shelter for me to breathe in and out. Love you. Still in fear and shock, we went to our next destination, THE REJECT SHOP to buy Rayyan his clothes. (Rayyan, trust me. People loves you too much you better be borne and be part of the family a.s.a.p)! p/s Rayyan- Tayn’s upcoming, very-first nephew.

Next, we went for some luggage and bed sheet surveying. Well, the matter is both of us were too excited to call ourselves MAHASISWI. We are future dentist and lawyer! InsyaALLAH =) It wasn’t for long and we continued our ‘siri-jelajah’ KB Mall. As usual, nothing’s special with this tiny mall. As I was about to enter The Body Shop, suddenly my darling Tayn pulled my hand with all her might, leaving me in a rush, confusing questionable action I guess… No wonder, she was escaping from this BONSAI Photostudio guy, I’m not that sure with his name but I tell you, it sounds like ‘Fuck’ or something. Maybe Fad kot… Haha.

Pursuing to Cintaku Bakery (sebab Secret Recipe kehabisan cakes)… My eyes were widely searching for any recognizable figure… Scanning and… OK! Takde… Selamat. The second table was chosen and then Tayn went for some bread since she ate nothing during lunch. When we were chatting, then inside the mirror’s reflection, I caught a glimpse of someone too familiar for me. Oh God… WHAT THE HECK HE’S DOING HERE??? DONTCHA EVER RECOGNIZE ME… Ok… useless to pray by the time. Out of the blue, I heard his friend (the one sitting at the table behind me) asked him… “Woi Man, nak balik ngan sapo?” “Nak balik ngan Kia ler…” Fuck it! I’ll report you guys to my cousin ok, Fareez, Doman, and another 3 boys I can’t be acquainted with. Siaplah korang. Then luckily my mom called and told, “Mama on the way from TESCO. Tunggu depan Masterskill.” Yes ma’am… Something happened actually after that but nvm malas nak menaip dah…

Anyhow, I always love my day out with my darling Tarataynia sorang nih. She has too lotta scandals but she’s always remain cool to cool miserable person like me. I owe you my heart, sayang. At least she loves me in whatever circumstances it takes.

p/s I love you too much Tayn. I’m glad we are sharing the same pain. At least, I’m not alone…


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