So… I don’t Trust Virtual People. Do You?

Peace upon all of you. Having people to confide in was kind of (needless to say it was) compulsory! We are surrounded by populace of a few kinds in our daily lives and deal with them in almost endeavours done on our daily basis. Some might attaining the Win-Win solution but some might reaching an endless mode whereby you just take the weight off your feet… sit there and dissect (and sigh) for all their iniquitous doings. You pick on the clues, all right. Trouble is, you don’t know what to do with them right?

Tell me, how many friends you have right now? Too tight to mention? Or too infinity to tot up? I can easily answer you the exact number once I viewed my Facebook account and there… I got more than 2000 friends. Virtual friends. And not to let any face drop, I knew only 10% of them in my real, reality life. YUP! The matter is, Facebook is not your life. (Of course you can officially name your life as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or what so ever, but reality is not a fantasy).

Hello!!!! Calling all cam-whores! Whether you’re a closet case or unabashedly one, let’s admit it – everyone cares about looking good in pictures. Trust me, people tend to upload those pictures they found themselves looking better than Angelina Jolie or luster than Chuck Bass. So this is really not what it takes in bona fide, authentic world where you can be a camouflage human being or something; able to transform from Britney Spears to Mariah Carey in instant once you caught a glimpse of the nippy flash of your boyfie! Hello… everything’s candid in real life, woman huhu…

The second thing was that I found the mouth-zipped girl in my ex college in Facebook (yeah we became friends only in Facebook). So she was like making me wow-ed by her accent there! Whoah! Looks like she had transformed herself into the brand new mulut murai or something. No no not mulut murai… you are not talking in Facebook. I hate this kind of people whereby they are becoming stars in Facebook because of the chatty quality but then in the realm world, they are such a cumbersome vice versa. Come on lah why can’t people just be themselves even in the world of imaginary? I guess I like it when people aren’t afraid to express themselves about how they behave and what they are looking like at the instant. It is annoying when people are afraid to be themselves. You get so OBSESSED with the fact you think you aren’t good enough because you’re elevating the other person higher and higher.

Jumping into the conclusion, I can simply jot down that I HATE FACEBOOK. And it was a total lie. I LOVE FACEBOOK. I just don’t when white lie (pink maybe) smudging and concealing my vision. Until this stop I just wanna say… PEOPLE, BE YOURSELF IN FACEBOOK PLEASE?

p/s This post is a suck. I wanna upload some pics but then the connection was like shit. Thanks bert for waiting 🙂


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