Of The Blue and The Red. Glory Glory!

Thanks to certain guy friends who change the topic of conversation about “Mechanisms of Digestion in Rodents” into “Penalty of Referee” when Biology study-grouping with me. Exactly these guys informally introduced me into the realm world of football (an awkward topic to concave or convex-lensed by girls)… So, since the previous eight months I’ve loved Chelsea (The BLUE Team) lead by John Terry. At first I chose Manu because my eyes just can’t stop lashing around the hot six packs of CR. Ohhh!!! Oh yes. I chose it randomly at first because I don’t want the odd feelings to surge me without any bulb popping my mind when I’m talking with guy friends. Seriously, I watch no football matches (I would rather watch Gossip Girls and Lipstick Jungle) but I kept myself update with newspapers infos, and sport reports via gathered information aka Internet just to make sure that guys won’t look down at me. (Ingat aku baru gua ke apa???) But now, the addiction is becoming worse and worsen, I’m a football maniac! (Lust on the outside, inflexible in the inside hehe)

So, it was the biggest match ever in life when Manu VS Chelsea last night. It has been a worldwide topic; discussed by kecik besar tua muda people in the whole nation and needless to say, they have their own standpoints and predictions regarding expecting the winner. A caller for Fly.fm burst out this saying to the top of his lung and small intestine – GO THE HELL YOU CHELSHIT! I was like, what the shit with this guy??? Nvm… We’ll see who’s going to embrace with the English Premiere League. My cousin in KL (the closest cousin to me) enthusiastically tagged a photo of me entitled “CLASH OF TITANS- MANU vs CHELSEA” in Facebook and sent me unstoppable text messages stating that “Tengok ahhh who will be the winner”… *He’s a Manu lover. Again, Okay okay… So by 7.30p.m. I had already sticking in front of the Plasma 42’ (not mamat stall ah) and had my POST cereal instead of popcorns. There it goes, I’m sure that you yourself enjoyed the game. No need to describe lah… anyhow, Manu fans could barely said that Chelsea were taking advantages during the absence of Wayne Rooney but then hehey u guys too could show us your nod of agreement with the power and indulgencies of The Blue. Thanks anyway to Cole and Drogba for the fantastic two goals beating The Red.

Haha.So my point is CHELSEA is the best. Manu lover can stop dreaming now. 74 is a hard score to beat and I’m quite sure that meeting Bolton is not a painful ass for Chelsea. Thanks a lot.


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