Hello! This is so like i’m feeling damn ley-zee to create a post, but just to keep my blog updated. Ngeh. I have 5 things to be told :

1- I’m having a fever rite now, rite round. Nikko, Im not copy-cat-ing u but this is so true that we’re so called sissy, having the typical illness.

2- STOP asking me out for Jom Heboh. To be frank, even though, let say, it was held just beside my house, I won’t make my way there lah! I just hate crowd, okeh. Your point?

3- Tayn, i DUNNO when ur baju kurung can be finished. U better ask the tailor herself. I’m sick of this question.

4- Kak Mel, stop these stupid minum-susu-sebelum-tidur scheme plz? I’m tired of the ‘sweet aroma’ of dairy products. YUCKS.

5- Abah, I HATE when people owe me something. I have no doubt to say that RM300 is not a problem for u to settle ur debt with me rite? I don’t like it when the purse is getting thinner n thinner… OK DADDY ABAH BABA???

6- Darling, i hate it when we’re way TOO apart. Make it close plz.

Sorry lah im not talking bout typical hatred towards things but I’m way too bored n I’m way too sick with these. OKEY, Gudnyte.


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