Nadia, me and Lisa. THE PC ROCKS!

Huh. The pain is relieved, at last! 11th March of 2010 have revealed the BIGGEST SECRET I’ve ever wanted to hear in my life. The SPM slip giving day! The blah blah blah session would take a few paragraphs so now, straight away to my result. I scored 8A’s and 1B. The B+ goes to Biology, a subject which I’ve targeted as my most-scored one before. To be frank, I had never score less than A2 (A-) for my Biology but this time, everything seems to be upside down! Haha. Being the first person to receive the exam slip, I can’t deny the beat of anxiety, the rush of my adrenalines (plus the pak cik told me no worries, A+ semoo doh). Gliding my eyes smoothly on the slip, well… the cacat one goes to the lowest one. Biology. B+. Heh. I guess I don’t have to mention how I cried and cried by the time! But now, I do realize something, it’s not fine for me to ‘meratapi’ my result because all these while, I’ve been praying to Allah so that I’ll score THE BEST. If 9A+ wasn’t destined for me, meaning it’s not the preeminent for me. That was the rezeki Allah gave me so, I don’t want to be someone like kufur nikmat or something. Luckily, it was Biology and not those significant subjects such as AddMaths, Physics or Chemistry. Well after all, 8A+ and 1B+ wasn’t that baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Thanks, Allah!


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