Officially, Today Was My Day

11.00 a.m. :
Arrived Temenggung Hotel for a taklimat from Global Medic Network (GMN) regarding pursuing studies in the field of meds and sewaktu dengannya. As soon as me and my dad approached the first floor and Tang! The door of the lift opened and guess what??? I saw about six girls in those tudung labuh and baju kurung. Hehe I glanced at my dad because I wondered the same thing in his thought. Alaaamak… Harap2 lah kat dalam tu ada yang pakai cam aku… I was wrong. The seminar hall was filled with all Maahad girls and clearly not my type. After chatted for a while with Dr. Aziz, dad went away and left me all alone in the hall. Anxiety started to diffuse in me but luckily two of my friends were there, Asyi from SMKDAM and Unya from… I’m not sure. Blah blah blah…. Two hours of nuisance-ing , the seminar ended. I can’t remember anything but all I remembered was the guy namely Abang Zul asked “Siapa yang kat sini memang xde basic Arab langung???” And its funny to know that u were alone to rise up ur hand… and those people laughed at u… ROTFL.

1.00 p.m. :: “Hello… abah! Kakak dah siap dah ni. Meh la amek…”
“Alaa baru pukul 1. kakak gi jalan2 dulu la nanti kul 2 abah amek…”

My dad is kidding me??? He allowed me to jalan2 around the city??? Heck man! Let it be true… nothing to wait some more, so I walked my ass out of the hotel and went straightly to PARKSON Grand. Huaha. Abah was sooo wrong to let me loiter around. Helloooo Parkson! Here I come!

1.10 p.m. ::
Oh…so this is the real Parkson. I’ve been there for estimately two times only but now, it has changed drastically. I loved KB Mall for its conveniences but well me… Parkson wasn’t that terrible… I met my Zainabian schoolmates and chatted with them. Oh blah blah blah…straight away to the food court, I necessitate some aqua to lucid my thirst. Ahh… OK! Journey continued. Checked in the purse… Haiya… RM142 only??? I’m a broke ass… Nvm, don’t but anything… Err… that jeans is looking fab… Oh my! This is one is great… Urmm…

Two hours and 20 mins later… After all those tiring shopping, at last dad came and fetched me at 3.30p.m. Inside the car…

ABAH :: “Kakak beli apa nii??”
ME :: “Well, Diesel Jeans murah je bah! 150 but less 50% so… 75 baru. Pastu, Body Shop… err Lemon Lip Butter. Baru bah… cuba try bau… best kan. Alaa 26 je. Pastu ni shawl! Comel… sian akak bah… duk pakaa tudung bawal jah! Murah ni… 15 jerk… and of course, favvy Bueno! 6 packets 16! Untung2… Jom laa balik… Dah abis dah duit minggu ni. Esok minggu baru tu bah…”
Heheh… kan dah cakap… My abah is soooo wrong to let me loiter my ass! Wink3

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