Well, 10 Tips on How I Make School As SO-NOT-A-SUCK place

Hah. As I told you guys, I had been missing my school times so much. So, today I suddenly come across things I’ve done for two years so that you define MRSM as a better place…

1. While teacher is teaching, I will formulate the relationship between my earphone and phone stronger Connect n ENJOY music!

2. Punch Anis Safiyah who loves to sleep very much during class esp History and English lessons! Wake up DESKMATE!

3. During intervals, I would loiter around with Jahizians. That’s a better place!

4. Talk-too-lot in class! Always seek for alienated questions. Sometimes those that teacher can’t answer. It’s cool to see teacher struggles to discover an impossible answer. Wink3…

5. SMS your parents! Trust me, they won’t feel disturbed as they miss u so much haha.

6. Take a long break during recess time! It would help u feeling better. So, loiter around those Koop and Cafes (in and out).

7. Always stick your ass in teacher’s department. (I prefer the Language Department). Cool environment and free foods from teacher would be too great!

8. During evening prep time, I’ll sit down and relax at The Taman Ilmu, switched on my lappy… and browse for Facebook. Nothing’s wide of the mark when u make use of Wi-Fi. Hint! When a teacher asked u what are u doing? Tell ‘em that ur browsing for information regarding presentations!

9. Always sleep on the same bed with Naily! It’s good to have someone to accompany u for a night!

10. Parents visiting. Nothing’s more awesome than this! It’ll help u reduce your homesickness!

Well, GOOD LUCK with this!


5 thoughts on “Well, 10 Tips on How I Make School As SO-NOT-A-SUCK place

  1. wey,,pc-ian here!!!since when only i was in taiping???hahah…
    mind something,if u guys have frequent spot checks,then how come ash bleh nak msg2,call2 i???hahah

    now im feeling lucky imma CHIC!! wohoo

  2. earphones under tudung is so my trademark. its like someone superglued them to my ears. not one day passed w/o my baby mp 🙂

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