It was awesome right when your buddies appreciated you for the way you are and never forget your precious days??? Well, I love you guys for remembering my birthday and thanks, my 17th birthday was celebrated for three times in the college!!! Thanks!

When it’s about 12.00a.m. On 13th November 2009…

5 Iqbalians and my roommates celebrated my 1st birthday celebration… Well, no cakes of course but you guys prepared me with something so sweet…… and I love the songs that you guys sang (Kenangan Terindah & Memori Tercipta)!!! TARAAA….

With Love :: Nadziera Nazri, Syakirah Ali, Liyana Muzammil, Yusma Aida, Wan Ayuni, Juhairiah Raihanah, Syafiqah, Zateel Aieeda, Syahira Suhaimi, Anis Safiyah, Malihah Athirah, Amira Atiqah, Bella Fazilan, Seri Elyanie, Nadzzatul Natrah

I woke up in the morning and was ready to get out from my room and I was surprised with these……………………………………….

I can’t tell how much I appreciate you guys, Naily Akmal, Nik Syakirah, Rifhan Aliah, Nurul Afeeda, Nurfarhana Reza, Mariana Nabila, Ummu Ammarah, Syazwani Dan, Nasihah… Thankosss muchoss

By the evening, here it comes my family members. And then, another birthday celebration began…

I was quite frustrated with my guy friends who shows zero initiative to celeb my birthday. But, never mind lah, namely GUYS right?? So, that night after Biology Class, Liyana invited me to the KOOP and without any suspicion or consideration, I voluntarily accompanied her. We walked along the dark path by Taman Ulat and TARAAAA!!!! The guys were singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for me!!! Wey!!! Thanks lah weyyyy!!!! I sayang u guys!

Love :: Izwan, Stopa, Idham, Syazwan, Tojo, Aminuddin, Za, Yana, Seri, Nabila, Nat

Last but not least, thanks to The Dolly for the moderate yet late birthday celebration. Though we live in different schools, but you guys remembered my birthdee… Arigathooooo!!! But I don’t have our pics la wey!!!



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