.::Of TRUST and Toy Boy::.

I’m not expecting this from you, my girl. You acted as if you dunno me! I do admit that I used to have crushes on certain guys, but once they were signaling me with several positive signs, I would turn them down because yes, I am not totally interested as I don’t know what it means by loving people. But at THIS moment, I acquire my LOVE and I really really really love him and I am sure that you know he’s not YOURS! You told me all your love secrets before and I think I’m the one who was supporting you, being your backbones and told you to be brave enough to voice out your feelings! Now, once you got him, you are turning me down. You told him I’m making him as my NEW TOY-BOY??? Alohaaa… dear, imagine my face when he told “Sorry, I’m not interested, I’m already taken”. Hell la weyh, I’m not running into him, I have my highest gratitude towards his geniality, conviviality, smartness, and the most important was he means a LOT to YOU! Not me! So buddy, don’t consult any of my advises if you think I’m giving you recommendations just to be close enough with him.

p/s u guys were too smart, witty, and have a lot of parliamentary styles. Ginks!


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