Peace upon all of you….

The National Language Week Inter-MRSM 2009 was lucratively held on 9th – 12th of July 2009 in MRSM Kuala Berang, Terengganu. It was my third time to represent my college for MRSM Language Week and I would worship to share pieces of precious momentous I had there.

9th July 2009 Reaching Kuala Berang……

Nothing special except for the tiredness of 6 hours journey from Pengkalan Chepa to the rural Kuala Berang. I sat next to my bestie, Nik Syakirah of course since there were only three of us who represented the individual categories, namely me, Syakirah, and Shameem. The rest were all conquered by the choral speaking squad leaded by McNa. I think the most special thing occurred was that we had durians at a stall by the roadside. OMG… I ate as if the world is going to its end tomorrow. As a consequence, I had severe sore throat! Auccchhhhhh!!! How am I supposed to present my Pidato with a throaty voice??? (My voice was my best asset during pidato actually) Duh! Big problem!!!! Anxiety surged me but that wasn’t last for long as we finally managed to reach MRSM QBER! Hello QBER! Our squad is ready to shake the world!!! (Err…we were the second last to reach there right???)

A Sight of QBER

After a swift dinner, we went to the hall for a taklimat regarding the rules and progress of the competition. Well, this one no need to tell lah. Two hours of blah blah blah and then Syak told me something catchy. “Kia,I’m afraid of that Eshwaren from MRSM BP. I met him in Bentong.” That time I’m not so sure whether I do understand or not which Eshwaren did she meant but all I uttered to Syak was “No need to worry lah Syak. Kau kan lagi hebat. Trust me.” Oh btw, that night, we met Zhafir and Varaat the funny guys from MRSM Kubang Pasu.

2nd day… Syakirah n Shameem BIG DAY

By early in the morning, it was an immense day for Shameem. She will be having her last competition that morning. So, me, Syak, and Ea woke up not that early in the morning and we realized that Shameem wasn’t in the room. “Wey! Mana Shameem wey???” ~Punya la kalut ribut cari Shameem~ Suddenly, knock! Knock! “Haa…korang dah bangun eh?” It was Shameem, who went back from the surau for her solat Subuh. Aissssssyyyy!!!
We went to the place where Shameem will be competing. She seemed to be very nervous. So do us actually. After hours and hours of perfect stiff competition, it was all done! Phew… but then Shameem was way like too worried lah because she was competing with the 2008’s National Winner from MRSM Pasir Salak (mind me if I was wrong). And then… time for Nik Syakirah to practice! (Haha… we only had our script a day before departing and that was the time we were practicing!) With the presence of Eshwaren, I could see Syak practiced for quite a lot!
And the night came… it was the time for Syak to show her skill, again. Being the forth best speaker for debate all over Malaysia, I don’t think that she would loose this time. Waiting for Syak’s turn… me and Ea went to my practice and we were flirting with Dramafest contestants from MRSM Jeli in the contingent room. It was for a while when Cikgu Hariati came and told me that I need to alter my script! Ayooo!!! I told her “OK lah cikgu, Kia buat stakat termampu lah. More to spontan la kot…” and then we went for Syak… and there she was battling ESHWAREN!!! Huahahah…

Well, the battle was on~

Eloers Loversss~

Night was too young! So after the public speaking competition, we went to the DS and had a night chat together with Azraa Bentong, Salman Ayassyi KKB, Eshwaren BP, Taliban hehe from KKB, and not forgotten the uninvited VIP Aiman Ashrawi Balqis from Taiping. That was my 1st conversation ever with Esh and My goodness… he talked too lot! After about three hours of conversation, we were chased by the abang DS and my anxiety towards my turn continued…… Half an hour of practice and then I slept… zzzz….

3rd Day. 11th July LONGEST DAY EVER!

Woooo… that day was big, big, biggest day ever since it was my turn to vie with other National Eloers from every single zone in Malaysia. My partner for pidato, Irwan wasn’t there with me so I was heck panicky! Slight sip of drinking water, and then I went to the hall where I will be battling. I could see those ‘muka-muka hebat’ who will fight me and wey… I can show that too lah! Hahah. The choral speaking squad wasn’t there to cheer me as they were competing in the Main Hall for the final round. Thanks to Syak who keep on accompany me and giving me enthusiastic spirit-burners! I got the number 8 (last one) to deliver my speech. Hahahaha padan muka! So, my dad sms-ed me and told me that, “EYE OTHER PEOPLE’S STYLES AND PERFORM BETTER THAN THEM. U CAN DO IT” and then I make it! My speech was perfectly delivered and hell! I was satisfied with that! Blah blah blah… during impromptu, the choral squad arrived and then they gave me a loud cheer. Loud enough for those juries to increase my marks. Wink2… and then… everything was done! Phew!!!! *Sigh

Thanks to Ea n Syak fer calming me!!! Wink3

Me delivering my impromptu

Kontinjen MRSM YT BESUT~

Presenting… MR ESHWAREN from MRSM BP

During the evening, we went for a trip to Kuala Terengganu, the main city of Terengganu laaa… Pergi pasar payang je actually but then it was quite nice especially when you were loitering around with your buddies in a place surrounded by batiks and keropoks. Hurm, syak intended to buy a cute pink boxer and asked for Taliban’s help to barge the seller. Alih2, Taliban told her, “Kakok, tok juruh la pakai gini kakok. Baik pakai hok panje kakok…” Hahahahahaha! Shame to us wink2…

Me n Teoh @ Terengganu Park (yeke???)

Sayang Syakirah!


OK reaching the night, it was the greatest night ever on earth! The dramafest was on battle but as for me and Syak, we went to loiter for our last night in QBER. The people there were nice and the budak2 from Urus Setia room invited us to join them in the room. Actually we were there to seek for results of our competition! Hehe. We had nice chats and burgers from PUM till one of them asked me, “Awak yang lawan pidato tadi kan??” GULP! Why did he ask me so??? “Ok. Saya tau awak ada result kan? Please la bagitau saya menang tak??” And he refused to but the result was in his hand! “Erm…let me see…Last contestant kan? Ohh ok…” that was the end, he told me nothing! Oww pfft… then, me and syak moved on to the hall for dramafest. It was awesome! I sat in front of Eshwaren (again) and here it came to the best part. I was wearing all black so… he asked my name. I tak layan dia so he called me, “Hey sexy! You know what the end for the drama was???” I was blushing and there he went on repeating those sexy… sexy… word! Next we went to the PUM stall, Esh treated me those orange juices and muffins and he switched his place to sit next to me. Ayooo… we talked on sooooo many topics mostly religion lah because Esh and Taliban love to debate about this! It was a great night till 1 a.m. in the morning and we were again, chased by the QBER-ians to be in our dorm. So, goodnyte buddies…


PHEW! Reaching the end of my posting. It was our final day in QBER, meaning it was too the day for the result to be announced. I know that the choral speaking team was the champion because they were told to perform during the closing ceremony. All the dubdab2s were here. Oh! I forgot the part where we met Zhafir and Varaat from KUPA. It’s ok lah. They were actually so ‘ZONIST’ lah and we created cheers for our east-zone (just in case we win something)… After those Chaklempong (or what we call them???) and rural Terengganu poetry performance, the result was announced. Firstly with PIDATO BM MEN. RENDAH. The champion was from MRSM Jeli, meaning our zone! Dub dab dub dab… then Ishan, the chairperson announced, “Johan…bagi PIDATO BM MEN. ATAS jatuh kepada…… KIASATINA BINTI OTHMAN dari MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA!!!” Ohoooooo! What else can I say??? Haha. Lastly, our contingent won every categories we participated, such me in my category, Syak was the Champion for ELO (she bet Esh!), Champion for choral, and Shameem won the 1st place for SAJAK TERBUKA. Congrats MRSM PC!!! And for our East Zone for sure, KITA JUARA KESELURUHAN! ZONE TERBAIK! Yeah!!!
~Timur DYNAMITE! Timur DYNAMITE… Hu ha!!!~ our cheers wink3 
Time to say goodbye and all I remembered was… I was sad to be separated from Esh as our scandal actually aroused! Haha…

Ending Ceremony!Mr.Saroni rocks!!!


How I wish this moment is repeatable~

And then, that’s the END~ The story of my LAST MINGGU BAHASA…


9 thoughts on “

  1. im not if in pc.i was in the forum team n pidato myself.but i used to when i'm in my old school…n i got the pembahas terbaik once only…tu pun state level,not national like that one meh!
    Ooo…plz la plz!y are u in fear of me??i makan nasik!

  2. u makan nasi? i makan wholemeal bread la. rotfl.

    U're a pembahas?! wow! way cool. let me tell u a secret, I FAILED my BM in f2, got into reserve seat for bahas in f4 n f5 was my FIRST EXPERIENCE AS MAIN SPEAKER. UIA opens did help, though.

    Lucky, huh? I bet those asses who had been debat-ing for 5 years. 😛

  3. Hahah nice one though!ur COOL man!!!i assumed that u've been waiting for couple of years.u waited there patiently and then all of ur patience were all paid off! at last!after four years of waiting,u managed to have those DEBATING experiences!!!awarded best speaker some-more..ayooo damn lucky lah u…

    Cheah…nak promote diri…

    I've been involved wt pidato since standard 3.i ingat lagi,time minggu bahasa sekolah kan…Tahap 1 can get themselves involve wt story-telling,singing and all…but Pidato was only for those in Tahap 2.i pergi merayuuuuuuu n menangis2 kat cikgu so that i can participate in that pidato category and compete with my kakaks2 seniors… heheh. n guess what??i won…champion sommore!!!soon,i represented my school…haha…nostalgia…

  4. waaahhh.. all that menangis2 paidoff.. well, GIRLS can cry to success. Boys just suck as crying to persuade, seriously..

    n, i never thought i WOULD EVER enter malay debat. English, maybe la.. before, i pernah like go wif Ishaq 2 debate practise. tp, tgk2 je coz MALAS nk joinn! it ended in the different language! hakx.. well, mase lower sec, i was a choral speaker!

  5. well,u can learn from me how to cry for success if u want!i need a protege so that all my knowledges x lupt dek hujan,x lekang dek panas…hahah… 🙂

    meh???wat an irony man…pergh! me too..a choral speaker lah..but in my old pc we got too stiff competition lah n i choral was meant for all ELS members only…

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