Minah Yang Lucu!

Sekadar image, Not MY CAR

It was funny to recall this incident that dreadfully leaves a scar on one’s face and leaves sympathetic smile to another. The story began when me and my father went to a petrol station namely ESSO nearby our house after sending my brother to his night tuition class. As my dad stepped out of the car to the ATM machine, I decided to loiter around the grocery shop inside the station for a KINDER BUENO. As I was queuing up by the counter to pay Sneakers bar and Kinder Bueno, then a teen in front on me started to raise up her voice towards the counter lady. “Hey,keto sayo tu kat line 2 tu deh??? Sayo nak isi 50 okey bukannya susoh! Cepat sikit okey???” The counter lady replied “Sabar dik, sebab kito nak servis dulu. Tanki 2 ado masaloh. Buleh x dik masuk Tanki 3??” N here she replied, “Eh sorriii sikit deh..meme la sayo baru buleh lesen. Tapi awak tengok sikit sayo bawok keto gapo??? Honda OK??? Biar la..sayo x buh la minyak sini! Huh”
I smiled, and can’t really help myself to burst out a loud laugh. She stared at me as if she wanted to eat me and then bulged her rolling eyes and uttered, “Hey,ado masalah ko? Awok napok dok sayo bawok keto gapo??” And…an idea popped out of my head so I replied with a smile, “Sayo pon drive jugok….” Then, I rushed out the shop and went to daddy’s car that was perfectly parked in front of a view quite clear from the second tank. I dashed into the driver’s seat and pretend to adjust my seatbelt. In just 200m away, the arrogant girl quickly dashed into her red Honda City and her face turned really…really…really red! As red as her car! She speeded away and then I said… “Well, siapa naik BMW, siapa naik Honda??? Hahahaha…” Knock! Knock! “Kakak buat apa kat driver seat???” suddenly daddy appeared… I smiled and said, “Saja…nak try keta abah…hehe”


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