Sunshine in the Day, Moon Light in the Darkness

It is so accurate that people could never ever survive on his own without any company by his side. I do strongly agreed with the statement whereby I found myself was too dependant and need my best pals most of the moment I faced in my life. So, I engrave here my token of appreciation ( I discern that these meant a piece of cake, but its really my gratitude towards u guys, deep…deep…here from my heart)

Oh Tayn~

Intan Fatihah Rusli. Being the bestfriend of Intan make me feel like the luckiest person in the whole world! Why? Well, everyone envies intan’s gorgeous looking, her perfect body figure matches the faultless gaze of her features, and her brunette shoulder-length hair credited her with another value! Well, u guys are wrong. It’s not because of her angel-like features that kept me valuing our friendship but it is because of her benevolence and her willingness to go through every circumstance we faced in our life. She was there to burst out laughs with me and she was there too, to shed my tears during my durable times. And barely to say, I often cause nuisance for her, needless to say these times happen on a daily basis. But she is willing to dig a hole, to search a new endless road, just to make sure I find a way out of my setbacks. Urgh. Stop talking about sadness because that is really not a way of our friendship works! The best obsession about Intan is her sense towards shopping! I tell you, she’s my preeminent partner during shopping spree! We count no money and when we shopped, we shopped till we drop! After all, my 5 years friendship with Intan is the strongest one. Like u said Tayn, I saw u… then I hate u. But now, I love u more and more and it’s reaching the infinity one. I can’t tell you how much I love u because it is simply… too much!

p/s How many times do I owe u lunch actually??? Ngee


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