Sunshine in the Day, Moon Light in the Darkness (3rd Version)

~The ABC of Nikko + Kicks~

Kiasatina Othman and Nik Syakirah Nik Azis. Maybe we are too familiar for you guys with the tag of “National Champion of Pidato Menengah Atas” and “National Champion of Upper Form of Elocution”. But, have you guys ever known that these two elo-ers are two in-separate-able besties on Earth? Well, the equivalent chronicle occurred with Naily, too was a beginning for the friendship between me and Nikko. I got to know this sweet girl in MRSM PC whereby she used to hate me (and I hated her too) for our gedikness. I used to think that, “Minah KL ni gedik nak mati apahal la suka datang cube orang? Menyampah la. Dah la suka buat show cheerleading depan aku…Hee menyampah!” hehe… I think I started to befriend with Nikko when approaching Semester 2 where we started to get involve with various HOST Club projects and she was one of Naily’s classmate. I can hardly remember my Form 4 moments with Nikko lah because I’m sticking to Naily for most of the time. But then, the buds of our friendship started to bloom once we stepped into Form 5 and then we were like two rockers that quakes MRSM PC! Hahah. Not only she’s my bestfriend but she’s too my partner in most project that I’m in. Minggu Bahasa (thanks for introducing hottie Ash for me), Cheerleading (Lower C we’re just begun, together we’ll be… NUMBER ONE), and too many I can’t remember lah Nikko… She’s the place where all my love stories remain, and yet I kept hers in here heheh. Shh…that’s too secretive. All I knew was, Nikko has a GREAT PERSONALITY! She’s one in a million and I don’t think so I can find any girl with a Nik Syakirah spirit!! I love u, babe…… wink3

p/s I wanna be your bridesmaid once ur marrying Reza Abedi. U’ll be mine no worries.


4 thoughts on “Sunshine in the Day, Moon Light in the Darkness (3rd Version)

  1. say what? awww, sygness, i love u too la? i dont have a blog so i cant post bout u but i want u too know tht since school ended, u really became someone i grew closer to. someone i could tell everything to. everyones changing so fast but somehow u stayed FOREVER KIA. XOXO syg.

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