Blow the Candles,,, Indah!!!

Haha.It was so great when ur a small kid who is always enthusiastic with her birthday celebration. As for me at this current age, I mislaid my appetite towards celebrating it with a blowing candle, masquerade masks, blowing pipe, n quite blah blah. I prefer it to be in adults mean where I can take pleasure in every single moment with my friends and doing perhaps ,,,fanatical stuffs and some sleepovers, slumber parties, and evacuating the dance floor! hahah.But,mind nothing about me. Its all about my sis,Kiasyahindah’s big day to celeb her 7th birthday.She was too enthusiastic so she had been celebrating her 7th birthday for two times already.1stly at her beloved school and the 2nd one with our beloved family πŸ™‚ So,the party was merely held in Noodle Station KB Mall where dad have booked exactly the whole night for the party. A private one for our big families πŸ™‚ So,Indah started her big day by demanding 2nd edition presents from my parents. Firstly, abah gave her a set of Ghostbumps sequel,and a colorful Disney princess I-dunno-what-to-call-set. Mama gave her a SWATCH. It’s a nice one. Really colorful lah but might not suitable for me as it has been design for a little kiddo J Let’s talk nothing about her presents, she received all to many presents lah. I’m here to stress about what I gave her. I presented her with a furry, studded Sasha purse ( I akin to it and feel like grabbing it) and yeah, she loves it heheh J The party started over with Indah sliced her three-layered cake (credit to Muhibah Cakehouse for the SUPERB cake), and we all sang birthday songs in three versions for her. The jiffy was damn chaotic! All of us were having a splendid momentous (not encounting Kiasyahindah who seemed to enjoy her 7th birthday). Two hours of fun passed by and we all went back home after some shopping and bowling. And I am too lazy to write anymore actually. So, a dot here! Tata!!!!!


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