Im tired but I wanted to post something. Today, I felt myself in a quite busy motion. Yes I am! Im as busy as an ants today. It feels great to rearrange the chairs, checking via Blackberry (daddy’s) mails, picking up important calls and replying through the sms-es to important peoples. And not forgotten talking at pace of a machine gun. So, today I’ve been dealing with two important people (not counting my friends lah) regarding the upcoming photoshot. Abang Ameer, thanks for the price u gave us. RM100 per hour with unlimited snapshots+editing+2dvd’s, I think ur the COOLEST photographer ever in Kelantan! Batu Studio, we love u. And my special thanks too goes to Sis Ziera the Red Lady. She’s my fashion designer for the upcoming shot. (Katanya saya model) hahahai…wtv lah Sis Ziera. I hope my dress will be finished by 5th March πŸ™‚ And for you guys, attend jangan x attend this shot. This is our first shot at the beach, I just hope I can’t lust my eyes with the panoramas and seafoods yummy =) And those who are reading this, can’t u guys feel the surge that I am a busy teen here? Haha. Sory my sayang SHUFITRI for being quite snob today. Mish u ngee~

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