Never Give Up!!!

Peace upon all of u…

“It is not judge able for your deep fall, but it is countable for your high rise”

Ok. Itu adalah secebis daripada quote yang mataku sempat rakamkan di Dewan Gemilang SK Zainab 2 setelah mendaftar adikku di sekolah lamaku itu hari ini. Lama jugak mataku memandang kepada kata2 tersebut sebelum mindaku memproses sebetul2nya kata2 tersebut. yeah. Ada betulnya jugak. Why we need to count failure in our life? Kan kita dituntut untuk sentiasa berusaha sedaya upaya so that apa yg kita nak achieve dpt kita gapai. haha. philosophy part is here!

Back to the story. Actually, i am kinda frustrated when i gotta know that my application for sime darby’s scholarship was failed. Yes i am. I had go through the interviews till i reached the 2nd stage but then i failed the test. FYI, the tests included Verbal, Numerical, and Personality. I guess it might be something to do woth my Numerical since i am not that good in Maths. Plus, i tembak2 je soalan tu hari tu. No biggie man, just imagine it! 20 minutes fer 24 out-of-syllabus questions. How could u even think of Mode Maths, (apatah lagi Add Maths) when it counts calculations from your mind damn swiftly? Whatever… da lepas da pown.

SO now, i have been thinking bout this. There is no reason fer me to be sad with all the test. Everyone have their own test in their own life. And thanks to Amal Aiman, my friend, he relieved me with his words. Thanks, buddy πŸ™‚

“sabar!!!! what seems to be a raging storm culd b juz a trigger 4 us to b ready 4 da rainbow dat’s peeking, waiting 2 shine its mesmerizing colours, only if we have dat srength 2 juz sustain dat patience long enuf…. hold on there ya kia….. ~Amal Aiman~

And now, when i gotta know that Nik Fikri, Mei Yan, and Kamilah Kamil got the offer, there’s no other feeling surging here in my heart, except the proud that my friends have the chance to step further πŸ™‚ Good lucks frenz πŸ™‚

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